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Main Sewer Line Cleaning & Maintenance

If you do not take care of your pipes properly, clogs can and will occur. When your pipes are clogged, the flow of water can be blocked from going down the drain. The good news is that our Flex shaft method or hydro jetting drain cleaning services can help clear your pipes.
If you don’t do anything about it, the clog will continue to build up. Because the water does not drain properly, your pipes may rust, corrode, or eventually break. This will cost you more time and money if you do not take care of your pipes now using Flex shaft method or hydro jetting drain cleaning. You can turn to us to clean out your drains using these methods. We serve residents in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

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How does Flex shaft work?

A flexshaft is a precisely defined and configured nested group of springs, tightly wound so that it has torsional, or rotational, strength as opposed to the tensile strength found in standard wire rope or cable.

What makes flexshafts useful for drain cleaning is that they can bend but also still rotate. In other words, a flexshaft transmits rotary motion much like a solid shaft, but it can be routed over, under and around obstacles that would make using a solid shaft impractical.

Their flexibility, combined with tensile strength, makes them a force in the tight, twisted environments often encountered in drain cleaning. When compared to other drain cleaning technologies, flexshafts are advantageous in that they are smaller, lighter and more flexible; easier to clean; and enable the use of a camera while drain cleaning.

However, flexshafts can be useful in applications in which the clogged pipes are particularly bendy or hard to navigate with the snaking cables.

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How does Hydro Jet plumbing work?

Dealing with clogged pipes is a huge headache. Hydro jetting plumbing is a technique that professional plumbers use to clear pipes. First, we inspect the pipes using a camera to assess the issue. This also prevents us from accidentally causing further damage. If cracked or broken pipes are the problem, using hydro jet plumbing will only worsen the situation. Once we determine that the clog is caused by something this method can fix, such as a tree root, we feed a high-pressure nozzle into your drain. The pressure of the water will blow the clog right out. This method of plumbing is ideal for clogs caused by sand, silt, or mineral buildup. 


How much does Hydro Jetting the main sewer line cost?

If you ignore your clogged drain today because of the cost, your entire water system can fall to pieces. In the long run, the cost will be higher if you don’t upgrade your plumbing today. To find out the cost of our service, don’t hesitate and give us a call. 

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